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View of the facade of the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The United States ordered the departure of 15 Cuban Embassy officials in Washington in response to alleged "acoustic" attacks against at least 22 US diplomats in Cuba that have led the State Department to reduce its personnel on the Caribbean island. EFE / Jim Lo Scalzo

A "mysterious attack" has hit US officials on the island, opening a new front in weak diplomatic ties between the two countries.

[OP-ED]: Publishers shouldn’t confine Latino authors to just ‘immigrant stories’

 08/15/2017 - 11:41
According to Pew, 68 percent of all Hispanics speak English proficiently. And, in 2013, the center noted that they tipped over into preferring English-language news, signaling that there may be some mismatch between what Latino readers say they want and what they will actually consume. 

 A day or so after Sonia Sotomayor’s biography, “My Beloved World” was released, I got a call from a New York Times reporter asking me how well the book would sell. She jumped in to the first question: “Why don’t Latinos read?”