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The media say allegations of sexual abuse of producer Harvey Weinstein are growing around the world, while actresses like Emma Thompson and Tippi Hendred say it is not an isolated case in the film industry. EFE/ Paul Buck

It took only two words and a hashtag for millions of people to start talking openly against the normalization of sexual abuse.

[OP-ED]: The Sacking of Bill O’Reilly Reveals Ignored Corporate Prejudice

 04/28/2017 - 14:55
The termination of that talk show host known for his blunt talk (and his bigotry) followed a mass exodus of over fifty major advertisers from the evening time slot occupied by “The O’Reilly Factor” program. Photo: (Bill O'Reilly / Facebook)

Although the decision by FOX News to sack its ratings superstar Bill O’Reilly in the wake of revelations that FOX paid $13-million to settle multiple sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly sparked cheers in some circles, circumstances surrounding O’Reilly’s ouster do not merit a champagne celebration.