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US President Donald Trump pardoned controversial exsheriff Joe Arpaio on August 25, 2017, who was facing up to six months in prison after being found guilty of contempt of court for a racial discrimination case. EFE / GARY M WILLIAMS / ARCHIVE

Presidential pardon to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio triggers strong criticism.

Demonstrators gather at Texas Capitol to protest law prohibiting "sanctuary cities" in the state.

 05/30/2017 - 02:56
Demonstrators gather at Texas' Capitol, to protest a recently-passed law prohibiting "sanctuary cities" in the state, in Austin, United States, May 29, 2017. EFE/Alex Segura

About 1,000 demonstrators arrived from Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, North Carolina, New Mexico, Maryland and Virginia and protested with other Texas organizations to express their disagreement with SB4, which allows local authorities to question the immigration status of people who, for example, are detained or arrested for a traffic violation.

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