Philly Grows Into Its Anarchist Shoe

 03/29/2017 - 09:18
Wooden Shoe es una librería que encierra una atmósfera distinta a la de otros establecimientos dedicados a la venta de libros, aquí el enfoque es colaborativo y político. La librería está ubicada en el 704 South Street.  Foto Archivo Particular.

Past a chalkboard that says, “Come inside to read a good book,” on one side and “Don’t be an asshole!” on the other, you come across a tattered SEPTA Union Strike poster from the early twentieth century, preserved underneath an equally withered-away lamination. A few cautious inches deep inside of this surreal time machine, a pillar manages to stand from the 1890s home of an anarchist feminist writer and speaker who lived near Drexel University.

Rethinking Education Reform

 04/06/2011 - 08:20
Rethinking Education Reform

CHICAGO -- Across the
country, cities and states are reconsidering their traditional roles as local
competitors and banding together to overcome shrinking budgets and crumbling
economies. Their hope is that regional planning efforts will enable them to
carve out a shared future through a new knowledge economy.

Plain Text Author: 
Esther Cepeda