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Anthony Rosado (right) addresses attendees as Tiffany Tavarez (left) looks on. Photo: Desiree Halpern.

“One of the places we need to raise our voice is in the media,” said Anthony Rosado, a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo. “The point is to tell our own story, not have others tell it for us. We need to have our own narrative.”

AL DÍA Foundation da la bienvenida a los líderes de todo el estado en el evento Pennsylvania Leaders Connection

 12/05/2018 - 12:05
Anthony Rosado (derecha) se dirige a los asistentes mientras Tiffany Tavarez (izquierda) observa. Desiree Halpern.

“Uno de los lugares en los que debemos alzar nuestra voz es en los medios”, dijo Anthony Rosado, vicepresidente principal de Wells Fargo. “La cuestión es contar nuestra propia historia, y no que otros la cuenten por nosotros. Necesitamos hacerlo con nuestra propia narrativa”.


An American saint of Latino descent: Father Félix Varela

 03/22/2016 - 14:15
Padre Felix Varela started his American journey right here in Philadelphia, in 1824, when he came to our city that year in search for a printer to publish a little journal with a huge vision he called “El Habanero.” Above, a painting of Varela, in an artistic rendition by local artist Orlando Quevedo, displayed in AL DIA News Media office in downtown Philadelphia. To the right, the cover of the first issue of "El Habanero," printed in Old City in 1824.

Although his sainthood is yet to be declared by the Catholic Church, miracles abound in the life of Father Felix Varela, the champion of thousands of Irish immigrants who in the 19th century suffered, fought and, eventually, prevailed in carving out their own space in the American society, just as Latinos are doing today.

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Ana Gamboa