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Overdose for opioid intoxication would have killed more Americans during 2016 than the Vietnam and Iraq wars combined.

Faced with the need to declare a public health emergency due to the opioid epidemic, the US president again makes mistakes and attributes to drug traffickers the blame for the opioid crisis.

[OP-ED]: How can we lift the tension between law enforcement and motorists of color?

 06/28/2017 - 11:44
Even at the pivotal moment Castile very straightforwardly tells Yanez, “Sir, I do have to tell you, I have a firearm on me.” Yanez calmly says, “Don’t reach for it, then. Don’t pull it out.” Dashcam video

 My brother-in-law, a volunteer constable in a small Arkansas town, once said that the answer to the tensions and violence between motorists of color and the police was for law enforcement to treat those they are sworn to protect with respect and politeness.