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U.S. President Donald Trump addresses a public rally in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 29 May 2018. This is his third appearance in Nashville since becoming president. EPA-EFE/RICK MUSACCHIO

Trump's insistence on the idea that Mexico would be the one paying for the border fence has caused strong tensions with the Mexican government.

Lydia Cacho, Mexican Journalist: "We're war correspondents in our own country"

 06/02/2017 - 05:55
Mexican activist and journalist Lydia Cacho during an interview with EFE in Madrid, Spain, Jun. 1, 2017. EFE/LUIS MILLAN

In her 2005 book "Los Demonios del Eden" (The Demons of Eden), Lydia Cacho exposed pedophile rings in Mexico operating under the protection of politicians and business leaders. A total of 126 reporters have been killed since 2000 in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists to work.

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Border Wall is a Waste of Money, says Mexico

 04/26/2017 - 05:00
File photo showing the 'Friendship Fence' between the United States and Mexico in the Border Field State Park in San Diego, California, USA, 26 March 2017. EFE/JASON SZENES

On the same day as Trump appeared to back down on his demand for funding from Congress, Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray called the idea ofbuilding a border wall“unfriendly, “a hostile act” and “unlikely to fulfill the objectives” of stopping the flow of migrants and illegal merchandise into the United States.


Un problema más grande que el muro

 02/09/2017 - 13:59

El pueblo mexicano inauguró el 2017 con un aumento del 20.1% para las gasolinas y un 16.5% para el diésel, un mercado “inédito” de gasolinas en casi 80 años de monopolio de la empresa estatal Pemex, según reporta la BBC.

Este aumento es producto de un nuevo esquema de venta de gasolinas introducido por la reforma energética del país que plantea la erradicación del precio único fijado por el gobierno y las estaciones de una sola empresa, dando paso a una competencia abierta entre varias marcas y gasolineras.


Partners after all?

 07/10/2017 - 09:50
The US Border Patrol sign is seen on a fence at the border area in Nogales city in Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA, 10 June 2014. EPA/JOSE MUNOZ

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly spoke Friday about the efforts shared with Mexico to halt illegal migration and drug trafficking, after acknowledging that his country's insatiable appetite for those substances causes problems on both sides of the border.

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