Viñetas para contar historias de esperanza y resistencia de los inmigrantes

 06/29/2017 - 12:04

El cómic bilingüe "Migrante: Historias de esperanza y resistencia" narra las experiencias de los inmigrantes de una forma colorida y didáctica para concienciar a los indocumentados sobre los peligros de cruzar la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 12:00pm
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Mexico-US border counts deadly toll- "His body was handed over to us in pieces"

 06/13/2017 - 05:13
United States Border Patrol (USBP) agents stand beside a raft, reportedly used by people to cross the river, under the bridge along the Rio Grande River near Rio Grande City, Texas, USA, 01 March 2017. EPA/LARRY W. SMITH

In the context of expansion of organized crime in Mexico, migrants have become easy targets, as they are more visible, easily identifiable as migrants and, in many cases, they walk on a predetermined route. At least 400 immigrants were killed on their way from Central America to the US in 2015.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 4:45am
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US to prosecute parents who pay "coyotes" to ferry kids over border

 04/21/2017 - 03:50
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks next to US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly during a press conference in El Paso, Texas, United States, Apr. 20, 2017. EFE/Luis Pablo Hernandez

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised Thursday to prosecute parents who pay people-traffickers to help their children illegally cross the border into the US from Mexico and confirmed that the White House is still committed to build a wall along the two countries

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 3:45am
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High temperatures, getting lost are the main dangers along US-Mexico border

 04/21/2017 - 03:40
Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents simulate a rescue during a drill held in Laredo, Texas, United States on Apr. 20, 2017. EFE/Alex Segura

Extreme temperatures and getting lost are the two greatest dangers facing thousands of people who each year try to cross into the US illegally over its southern border on long treks led - part of the way, at least - by people-traffickers known as "coyotes."

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 3:30am
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US strengthens measures against undocumented migrants

 04/12/2017 - 02:39
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions (L) visits the Mariposa border in Nogales, Arizona, United States, 11 April 2017, as part of his visit to the border between Mexico and the US. EFE/Gary Williams

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Donald Trump administration will send more immigration judges to detention centers on the border with Mexico and greater efforts will be made to punish undocumented migrants who reenter the country after being deported.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 2:30am
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As Vigilance on US Border Rises, Migrant Smugglers Up Rates

 03/24/2017 - 04:33
Photo provided on Mar. 23, 2017 showing a Border Patrol vehicle guarding the fence between Calexico, United States and Mexicali, Mexico. EFE/Beatriz Limon

President Donald Trump's immigration policy has caused people smugglers known as "coyotes" to raise their rates to bring migrants into the US now that the routes are longer and have become more dangerous because of the increased border vigilance, undocumented immigrants say.

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 4:30am
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