¿Por qué es importante reportar sobre emprendedores creativos?

 03/09/2018 - 03:01
El emprendimiento creativo tiene un rol destacado en la mejora de la sociedad en Latinoamérica. Obtener mayor visibilidad en los medios de comunicación puede ayudar a los emprendedores a acceder a capital riesgo y tener más impacto de mercado.  FREE STOCK PHOTO

La agencia de noticias Deutsche Welle anunció esta semana los ganadores del concurso de periodismo de economía creativa en América Latina. El concurso tiene como objetivo promover la creación de startups y proyectos empresariales innovadores que aporten un valor a la sociedad.


They've Got High Hopes: Latin America Leads In Global Happiness Rankings

 01/09/2018 - 17:06
Image from Thinkstock. 

For the 41st time, Gallup International has released their Global End of Year Survey, polling 55 countries on the topics of hope, happiness, and economic optimism. Three countries in Latin America made the Top Ten, but one country in the region scored in the bottom tier.

Colombian artist makes paintings to make sure that his country doesn't forget political tragedies

 10/30/2017 - 06:13
Colombian artist Jorge Julian Aristizabal speaks about one of his works at the Bogota International Art Fair on Oct. 29, 2017. EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

Just as Picasso portrayed the horror of the Spanish Civil War in his famous "Guernica" mural, artist Jorge Juan Aristizabal does so for the Colombian conflict in works that begin with a pencil sketch that he later fleshes out with different colors and, ultimately, to which he adds clippings from daily newspapers and album sheets.

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Pope Francis: "Colombia, Your Brother Needs You"

 09/11/2017 - 04:27
Pope Francis attends a farewell ceremony with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (L) and first lady Maria Clemencia Rodriguez (R) during the last day of his official visit, at Rafael Nuñez Airport in Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia, Sept. 10, 2017. EPA-EFE/LEONARDO MUÑOZ

The Catholic pontiff concluded his four-day visit to Colombia by giving an open Mass in which he encouraged Colombian population to be involved in the peace process to help the country recover from its decades-long armed conflict with the FARC and other guerrilla groups. He also addressed the heavy polarization among Colombian society.

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In Colombia, Pope Francis will visit home for girls at high risk of sexual exploitation

 09/04/2017 - 16:53
An image of Pope Francis, at the Talitha Qum program headquarters, in Cartagena, Colombia on Sept. 1, 2017. EPA-EFE/Ricardo Maldonado Rozo

Girls of African descent will host Pope Francis next Sunday when he visits a poor Cartagena neighborhood that is the home of Talitha Qum, a program that seeks by means of religious faith to save little girls from the surrounding dangers of violence, prostitution and drugs.

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[OP-ED]: Bacca comes back to Spain with high hopes for Russia 2018

 08/25/2017 - 15:59
“I enjoyed my time in Milan, but the team has many forwards now”, said Bacca when he was introduced to Villarreal fans at Estadio La Cerámica. “I am coming here to improve my stats, because we are in a World Cup year and in Italy I did not see clear chances of enjoying playing time”.  EFE

There is no doubt Villarreal CF is one of the most impressive clubs in planet football. With a population slightly over 50,000 people, this city of the Castellon province, located 50 miles from Valencia has a soccer team, nicknamed The Yellow Submarine that has been capable of staying at Spain’s elite along powerhouses like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla FC. 

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Rafael Cervera

[OP-ED]: Bacca vuelve a España con los ojos puestos en Rusia 2018

 08/25/2017 - 15:57
“He estado muy bien en Milán, pero allí hay muchos delanteros”, comentó Bacca en su presentación en el Estadio de La Cerámica de Villarreal. “Vengo aquí con la idea de mejorar mis cifras, porque estamos en año de Mundial y en Italia no veía opciones claras de jugar”. EFE

No cabe duda que el Villarreal CF es uno de los clubes deportivos más impresionantes del planeta. Con una población de solo 50.000 habitantes, esta ciudad del interior de la provincia de Castellón, ubicada a 75 kilómetros de Valencia, cuenta con un equipo de soccer, apodado El Submarino Amarillo, capaz de mantenerse en la élite del balompié español al lado de poderosos conjuntos como Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid y Sevilla. 

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Rafael Cervera