How to Survive the Whipped Cream Shortage on Christmas Holidays

 12/21/2016 - 03:35
The nation is facing a whipped cream shortage this year. Photo: WIKIMEDIA/COMMONS

The Atlantic reports about an explosion at a Florida nylon factory that has left American grocery stores with a sudden Reddi-wip shortage. Though this incident will make it harder to find the popular whipped cream topping this year, it also serves as an important reminder to appreciate the vast network of people and machines that go into making the treat possible to find.

Get Hygge With It!

 11/21/2016 - 14:51
Hygge, which means coziness and good spirits in Danish, is a new world trend. Photo: Wiki Commons

Kill the Hipster in you. Forget about your Hipster bars, your Hipster clothes, your hipster way of life. “Hygge” ,  Danish for coziness and good spirits, has been listed as a “word of the year” by both the Collins and Oxford dictionaries – alongside Brexit and Trumpism – in the lexicographers’ annual public-relations exercise. Christmas markets, wool socks, friendly hugs. Hygge is, then, a retreat, an escape, a turning-inwards.

Season of hope

 12/24/2014 - 09:38
The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia held a vigil, Dec. 17, at which more than 200 letters of support for Angela Navarro were presented to ICE. Photo: Christine Killion/AL DÍA

Immigration advocates have long made an analogy between the Holy Family’s migration and that of undocumented immigrants seeking shelter in our nation. For no small number of the latter, knocking at doors and being rebuffed has been the “posada” of every day and month and year, for years on end.

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