[OP-ED]:DACA Opponents Are American Dream Killers

 08/22/2017 - 10:14
Prudence Powell (right) with his sons Jalen Latiner (left) and Bryana Nunes (center). Photo: Edwin López Moya AL DÍA News

Among the persons that provided poignant testimonials on positive benefits from DACA during the recent ceremony in Philadelphia’s City Hall commemorating the fifth anniversary of that fair-minded initiative instituted by former President Obama were two persons from countries that few ever connect with the controversy around undocumented immigrants in the United States.

[OP-ED]: Los opositores del DACA son asesinos del “sueño americano”

 08/22/2017 - 10:11
Prudence Powell (a la derecha) junto a sus hijos Jalen Latiner (a la izquierda) y Bryana Nunes (en el centro). Foto: Edwin López Moya/AL DÍA News

En la ceremonia llevada a cabo la semana pasada en la alcaldía de Filadelfia para celebrar el quinto aniversario del DACA, hubo dos personas en concreto que aportaron testimonios muy convincentes sobre los beneficios de este programa, instaurado por el expresidente Obama para dar estatus legal temporal a los inmigrantes que entraron ilegalmente en el país siendo menores.

Trump's new Afghan strategy

 08/22/2017 - 05:12
Afghan refugees wait to be processed at a border post in Quetta, Pakistan, on Monday, Aug. 21. EFE/Jamal Taraqai

In a televised speech, Trump said he wants to expand US military intervention in Afghanistan and South Asia. However, he didn't give specific detail on how he plans to do it, how many troops he would commit or how he would evaluate success. 

Plain Text Author: 
Andrea Rodés/ EFE

[OP-ED]: Both Trump and the media love wrestling in the mud

 08/21/2017 - 12:19
There’s no evidence behind the terrible accusation that Trump is in league with white supremacists. When he declared in his Monday remarks from the White House that “racism is evil,” I bought it. EFE

In keeping with the recent meme of recognizing bad behavior “on many sides,” there was something that was painfully obvious during last week’s improv news-conference-like-no-other in the lobby of Trump Tower: President Trump and the media deserve each other. Both are driven by ego and take criticism personally. Both will twist the facts to defend themselves and push their agenda. And both love to wrestle in the mud.

[OP-ED]: Tanto a Trump como a los medios les gusta luchar en el lodo

 08/21/2017 - 12:16
No hay pruebas que sustenten la terrible acusación de que Trump esté aliado con los supremacistas blancos. Cuando Trump declaró en sus comentarios del lunes, desde la Casa Blanca, que “el racismo es el mal”, yo le creí. EFE

Siguiendo el reciente meme de reconocer la mala conducta “de muchos lados”, hay que señalar que hubo algo lamentablemente obvio en la singular conferencia de prensa improvisada, de la semana pasada, en el lobby de la Torre Trump: el presidente Trump y los medios son tal para cual. A ambos los impulsa el egotismo y ambos toman las críticas personalmente. Ambos distorsionan los hechos para defenderse y promover sus objetivos. Y a ambos les encanta luchar en el lodo.

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