[OP-ED]: America’s internet delusion

 05/22/2017 - 08:51
If there are deficiencies with cybersecurity, we consider them separately. We embrace the “internet of things” without admitting that it’s also the “internet of hazards.”

The United States may have escaped most digital damage from the global “ransomware” virus, though cyber experts fear more attacks. One possible explanation is that the malicious software (”malware”) harms older versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which most Americans have replaced. Perhaps many users in other countries haven’t. Whatever the explanation, this is not the end of internet threats.

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Robert J. Samuelson

Mexico City sex workers in an endless battle against oppression

 03/08/2017 - 12:38
"Damaris" of the lush black hair and inquisitive dark eyes is a single mom and for the past four years has been a sex worker in Mexico City, fighting day by day against discrimination and police harassment.EFE/Mario Guzmán

The approval of a new Law on Crimes of Human Trafficking, which identifies prostitution with exploitation, plus the closing down of tolerance zones where prostitution is permitted, have forced sex workers into dangerous areas. One of the darker aspects of the trade is police persecution, since cops have been known to abuse their authority over women working illegally.

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Are French fries, chocolate or pizza really addictive?

 03/16/2015 - 17:33
Foto: Pixabay.

Who doesn’t know what it feels like to try to eat only on French fry, for example, and in an instant being aware that you have to have more? A very common behavior, at times labeled as “addictive”, that also infers to foods such as chocolate or pizza and that now could have a scientific explanation, as a recent study by the University of Michigan reveals.


Una familia con una misión

 12/11/2013 - 09:55
Una familia con una misión

Las cenas en que participa toda la familia son una salvaguarda contra los males de la adolescencia.

Pero sentarse simplemente frente a la comida no es una fórmula mágica si el televisor está prendido y nadie habla. Algunas familias no van más allá de la cortesía diaria de "¿Qué pasó hoy en la escuela?", o se las arreglan para tener sólo una tensa tregua y después apresurarse a lo que sea.

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Esther Cepeda