[OP-ED]: The middle-class comeback is real

 09/06/2017 - 12:29
Para que Estados Unidos tenga éxito se requiere una clase media grande—y mayormente exitosa. El renacimiento de la clase media es prueba de optimismo. La pregunta persistente en este Día del Trabajo es si ese renacimiento perdurará. ¿O volverán los recuerdos de la Gran Recesión a perseguirnos?

On this Labor Day, the American middle class survives. Indeed, it’s expanding. That’s not the conclusion of some arcane scholarly study. It’s the judgment of Americans themselves, though it hasn’t received much attention from politicians or the media. Most Americans have moved beyond the fears bred by the Great Recession. The middle-class comeback may be the year’s most underreported story.

A March for the Lost

 09/05/2017 - 14:15
Participants in the march emerge from underneath the bridge at Lehigh and Kensington avenues. The march took individual's past Tusculum street, which is known for high volumes of drug activity in the area. Photos: Matthew Haubenstein

Members of the community take to the streets of Kensington to remember those who’ve died from overdose and to spread awareness of the growing opioid epidemic in the City. 

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Matthew Haubenstein - Special Report for AL DÍA News