The sympathizers of the ruling party commemorated the 27th anniversary of Hugo Chavez’s failed coup d’état with ever-smaller but equally convinced ranks to defend his legacy. EFE

El senador republicano Lindsey Graham es el político que mejor ha expresado, aparentemente sin ningún problema de conciencia, la insultante y peligrosa actitud imperial de Washington.

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[OP-ED]: Racial Injustice Revisited: The ’73 Art Museum Rape-Murder

 11/28/2017 - 13:50
Police launched a frenzied dragnet on young black males that produced no arrests for what news headlines tagged the Art Museum Rape-Murder.

The righteous attention given the recent 50th Anniversary of the despicable November 1967 Philadelphia police assault on school students peacefully protesting outside then School District headquarters on the Franklin Parkway renews interest in another grave injustice near that site also born from police brutality.