Yamily Habib

Yamily Habib
I cover national and international politics from a Latino perspective.

A fanatic of history and political analysis, I now dedicate myself to giving news platforms the historical background they so desperately need. Art historian, visual anthropologist and philosopher living in France, I found in AL DÍA News the space to put political reality in context from a new perspective. When I am not writing, I dedicate my time to discovering the Latin American musical avant-garde, far from the reggeton and stereotyped tendencies. Proudly Venezuelan, in diaspora.

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National Politics

Meet Trump’s candidates for the Supreme Court

 07/05/2018 - 13:37
Amy Coney Barrett, Brett M. Kavanaugh, and Raymond Kethledge are Trump's candidates to replace Judge Anthony M. Kennedy in the Supreme Court of the United States.

After the unexpected announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy regarding his retirement, President Donald Trump now has the possibility of nominating a second judge to the Supreme Court within just 18 months as president. The options for his replacement have alerted Democrats, who warn of the danger of the nation's highest court being deeply conservative for generations.


Conozca a los candidatos de Trump para la Corte Suprema

 07/05/2018 - 12:53
Amy Coney Barrett, Brett M. Kavanaugh, y Raymond Kethledge son los candidatos de Trump para reemplazar al juez Anthony M. Kennedy en la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Estados Unidos.

Después del inesperado anuncio del juez Anthony M. Kennedy sobre su retiro, el presidente Trump tiene ahora la posibilidad de nominar un segundo juez a la Corte Suprema en tan sólo 18 meses como mandatario. Las opciones para su reemplazo han puesto en alerta a los Demócratas, quienes advierten el peligro de una Corte profundamente conservadora durante las próximas generaciones.