Rafael Cervera

Senior Contributor (Spain)
Rafael Cervera
I cover soccer focusing on the top teams and stars around the world.

Since I was young I have been passionate about team sports, mainly soccer in which I played and now coach. Journalist and writer, I have been on both sides of the ball. Sometimes as public relations director and other times as beat writer assigned to a specific team or sport. My parents are Spanish and I was born in Mexico, learning the best of the three cultures: Local, American and Hispanic. Currently I live in Barcelona and I work for Al Dia News, the National Football League and as soccer commentator for Bein Sports Spain.

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Senior Contributor (Spain)

[OP-ED]: Dani Alves, como los buenos vinos, mejora con el tiempo

 11/03/2017 - 15:15
Creo que Alves es uno de los futbolistas más infravalorados del panorama mundial. Es cierto, nadie duda su gran calidad pero, inmerecidamente, tampoco es colocado en el TOP 5 del planeta. A sus 34 años, Alves, como los buenos vinos, se va haciendo mejor con el tiempo. EFE

La adquisición de Neymar por parte del Paris Saint-Germain acaparó la atención de los medios de comunicación durante el último verano. Los ojos de la gran mayoría de aficionados al soccer mundial se fijaron en el rutilante movimiento que llevó a la estrella brasileña de Barcelona a la capital francesa. 

[OP-ED]: England’s National Team is reborn

 10/27/2017 - 17:36
Very few countries live soccer with the passion England has for the beautiful game. Rivalries between London clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are huge, as big as the one experienced in Manchester between City and United supporters

The English invented the beautiful game and have in soccer’s Premier League the top local competition in the world, which generates globally the largest amount of money and includes several clubs (Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal…) that are amongst the most recognized in the planet.