Linn Washington Jr.

Linn Washington Jr.
I explore Philadelphia through the lens of the Latino experience.

Linn Washington Jr. is a professor of journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. Washington also works as a journalist who specializes in analytical commentary and investigative news coverage. Washington’s reporting and research examines issues involving race-based inequities in the criminal justice system and the news media plus matters related to social justice. His reporting career has involved news coverage across America and on four of the world’s seven continents. Washington’s news industry career has spanned positions from reporter to executive editor. The professional career of Washington also included service as Special Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. As a Temple journalism faculty member, Washington regularly teaches skills courses in reporting and writing. He co-founded Temple’s Philadelphia That hyper-local news site, staffed by journalism students, earned over fifty regional and national awards during Washington’s directorship. Seven of those awards recognized Philadelphia as America’s Best College News Website. Washington has led study abroad programs for Temple students in London and South Africa. Washington graduated from the Yale Law Journalism Fellowship Program where he earned a master’s degree from the Yale Law School. Washington holds a B.S. in Communications from Temple University.

Area of Coverage: 
Local Politics

[OP-ED]: ¿Será capaz la nueva (y provisional) D.A de Filadelfia de poner fin a las costosas e ineficaces prácticas de la Fiscalía?

 07/25/2017 - 10:40
La nueva fiscal interina de Filadelfia, Kelly Hodge, durante la ceremonia de juramentación este lunes en la alcaldía.  Samantha Laub / AL DÍA News

Los éxitos logrados por Kelley Hodge a lo largo de su carrera profesional la dejan bien situada para asumir la tarea vital que ella misma se ofreció a llevar a cabo durante los próximos cinco meses. 

[OP-ED]: Heroin Corridor Cleanup – Is City Hall Addicted to Exclusion?

 07/19/2017 - 10:54
The train-tracks in  the area between Kensington Av. and Fairhill is known as “El Campamento”. The City of Philadelphia and Conrail signed an agreement in June to clean and seal this place. The company’s deadline is schedule on to July 31st. File AL DÍA News

Disappointment is how Louis Cruz described his reaction to the closed door he encountered when he sought work for his company on the project City Hall and Conrail proudly announced recently to cleanup a section of railroad tracks in West Kensington where a filthy heroin abuse corridor has festered for nearly twenty years.

[OP-ED]: La limpieza del corredor de la heroína - ¿Tenemos una administración municipal adicta a la exclusión?

 07/19/2017 - 09:25
Los predios a lado y lado de la vía férrea, entre Kensington y Fairhill se convirtieron en “el campamento” de drogadictos más grande de la costa Este de EEUU. A medidados de junio la alcaldía y Conrail firmaron un acuerdo para limpiar el lugar. Conrail, la empresa propietaria del lugar, tiene plazo hasta el 31 de julio para sellarlo. Archivo AL DÍA News.

Desencantado. Así se sintió Luis Cruz al ver que su empresa no tendrá ninguna opción de ser contratada para realizar alguno de los trabajos vinculados al proyecto conuunto de la alcaldía y la empresa Conrail para limpiar un tramo de la vía férrea a su paso por West Kensignton, más conocido como el corredor de la heroína o “El Campamento” de Filadelfia. 

[OP-ED]: ¿Conseguirá la Justicia asomarse a la oficina del Fiscal del Distrito tras la condena de Seth Williams?

 07/03/2017 - 10:58
Attorney Michael Coard speaks at April 2017 protest demanding the resignation of DA Seth Williams following Williams' federal corruption indictment. Philadelphia NAACP president Rodney Muhammad (yellow tie) joined others including Mumia Abu-Jamal activist Pam Africa (red tee shirt) and Greg Brinkley (far right) whose investigation ultimately freed a teen in the 911-dialing-dog false arrest. LBWPhoto.

El pomposo y vicioso fiscal se declara culpable de cargos de corrupción en el octavo día de un proceso penal federal sin precedentes. Las autoridades se llevan al fiscal en cuestión a prisión, enmanillado... Así transcurrió otro capítulo de la sórdida saga de Seth Williams, el ex fiscal de distrito (D.A.) de Filadelfia.

[OP-ED]: Will Justice Dawn In DA’s Office Following Conviction of DA Williams?

 07/03/2017 - 10:53
Attorney Michael Coard speaks at April 2017 protest demanding the resignation of DA Seth Williams following Williams' federal corruption indictment. Philadelphia NAACP president Rodney Muhammad (yellow tie) joined others including Mumia Abu-Jamal activist Pam Africa (red tee shirt) and Greg Brinkley (far right) whose investigation ultimately freed a teen in the 911-dialing-dog false arrest. LBWPhoto.

The pompous, pilfering prosecutor pleads guilty to corruption charges on the eighth day of his unprecedented federal criminal trial. Authorities haul this prosecutor off to prison in handcuffs…another segment in the sordid saga of Seth Williams – Philadelphia’s now former District Attorney.

[OP-ED]: Cleaning The ‘Heroin Hell’ Will Not Create Heaven In Surrounding Communities

 06/26/2017 - 10:41
'Bedroom' for a man in Philadelphia's West Kensington community where festering structural impoverishment sparks social ills like rampant drug sales. LBW Photo

The recent announcement that City Hall and Conrail cut a deal to cleanup the notorious heroin corridor along a section of railroad track running through Philadelphia’s Fairhill and West Kensington communities is welcomed removal of a dangerous blight that’s festered for nearly two decades.

[OP-ED]: Pensar en el bien común, la razón fundamental para ayudar a los niños a que crezcan y den lo mejor de sí mismos

 06/19/2017 - 11:10
Alumnos de una escuela gestionada por la mezquita de Blikkiesdorp, un barrio de la periferia de Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica. Linn Washington

El pasado 16 de junio, Día de la Juventud, diversas protestas estallaron en varias ciudades de Sudáfrica. Dichas protestas sirvieron para recordar  los orígenes de esta importante celebración anual para el país.

[OP-ED]: Voter Participation – Dismal Indicator of Democracy

 05/19/2017 - 10:31
Somalis hold demonstration in London on May 18, 2017 across from the Downing Street residence of the British Prime Minister seeking better respect through exercising their democratic right to protest. LBWPhoto

The same week that America’s federal government plunged deeper into a governance crisis from misconduct by President Trump and members of his professed Law-&-Order administration, many Philadelphians took a big step towards restoring the vitality of democracy with their participation in the primary election.


[OP-ED]: Will DA candidate promises bring real justice?

 05/12/2017 - 17:20
Ramona Africa (right) lone surviving adult MOVE member of the May 1985 bombing-&-burning at recent MOVE program along with MOVE members Sue Africa (center) and Consuella Africa (left). LBWPhoto

Candidates seeking a victory in the May 16, 2017 primary election for District Attorney in Philadelphia have spent months making big promises to initiate reforms and ‘restore integrity’ to that post now polluted by the presence of current DA Seth Williams who is facing a federal trial for a slew of corruption charges.

[OP-ED]: The Sacking of Bill O’Reilly Reveals Ignored Corporate Prejudice

 04/28/2017 - 14:55
The termination of that talk show host known for his blunt talk (and his bigotry) followed a mass exodus of over fifty major advertisers from the evening time slot occupied by “The O’Reilly Factor” program. Photo: (Bill O'Reilly / Facebook)

Although the decision by FOX News to sack its ratings superstar Bill O’Reilly in the wake of revelations that FOX paid $13-million to settle multiple sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly sparked cheers in some circles, circumstances surrounding O’Reilly’s ouster do not merit a champagne celebration.

[OP-ED]: La meta del Dr. King evaluada: asuntos inconclusos para los Latinos y los Afroamericanos

 04/07/2017 - 14:40
4/4 protestors march around City Hall in Center City Philadelphia. LBWPhoto

Una meta del Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ha inspirado a cientos de filadelfianos de diferentes razas, religiones y edades en la manifestación del Centro de la Ciudad el día 4 de abril – el cuadragésimo noveno aniversario del asesinato de King – donde todos renovaron la lucha por un aspecto ignorado de la lucha de King: los Derechos de Plata.