Andrea Rodés

Andrea Rodés
I write about culture, art and literature, because I do not understand the world without books and poetry.

When I was a little girl I used to isolate with myself reading tales, now I could spend hours writing them. I think we need to give voice to artistic creators, they usually have a unique perspective of reality and can challenge things that we usually take as a fact.

I also like to write about economic issues from a social point of view, telling the human stories and the protagonists behind them: immigrants, entrepreneurs, refugee families ... From Philadelphia, Barcelona, Moscow, Beijing, Myanmar… every human history can help us to have a more open and global vision of the world.

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Culture, Books and Authors

Un juez federal bloquea la decisión de Trump de eliminar la protección de los Dreamers

 01/10/2018 - 04:25
Centenares de jóvenes "Dreamers" de diferentes estados se manifestaron el pasado 9 de diciembre en Washington para protesar por la eliminación del programa. Foto: EFE

Un juez federal de San Francisco ordenó el martes al presidente Donald Trump,que reactive parcialmente el plan DACA para jóvenes indocumentados y siga recibiendo solicitudes hasta que se resuelvan todos los desafíos legales pendientes en diferentes tribunales del país.