Hernán Guaracao is Publisher and CEO of AL DÍA News Media.
I cover the American Latino experience with a focus on leaders and entrepreneurs.
Yesid Vargas is a AL DÍA's art director.
Edwin is an AL DÍA Content Producer
Mónica is an AL DÍA Content Producer.
Writer and freelance journalist based in Barcelona
Venezuelan; irredeemable immigrant. Art Historian, Visual Anthropologist and currently studying Aesthetics and Visual Culture.
Albor Ruiz is a guest columnist.
Gabriela is a contributor.
Rob Wonderling is President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
Ruben Navarrette is a guest columnist.
Linn Washington Jr. is a guest columnist
Archbishop Charles Chaput is a guest columnist.
Concha Alborg is a guest columnist.
Alfredo Rojas is a guest columnist.
Israel Colón is guest columnist.
Elianne Ramos is a guest columnist.
Tony Vargas is a freelance writer.
Julie López is a freelance writer.
Anne Hoffman is a freelance writer.
Aja Beech is a freelance writer.
Emma Restrepo is a freelance writer.
Eric J. Garcia is a political cartoonist.