Hernán Guaracao is Publisher and CEO of AL DÍA News Media.
Edwin is an AL DÍA Content Producer
Alex is an AL DIA content producer
Yesid Vargas is a AL DÍA's art director.
Peter is an AL DÍA Deputy Editor and Photographer
Jamila is an AL DÍA Content Producer
Mónica is an AL DÍA Content Producer.
Writer and freelance journalist based in Barcelona
Venezuelan; irredeemable immigrant. Art Historian, Visual Anthropologist and currently studying Aesthetics and Visual Culture.
Albor Ruiz is a guest columnist.
Gabriela is a contributor.
Rob Wonderling is President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
Ruben Navarrette is a guest columnist.
Linn Washington Jr. is a guest columnist
Archbishop Charles Chaput is a guest columnist.
Concha Alborg is a guest columnist.
Alfredo Rojas is a guest columnist.
Israel Colón is guest columnist.
Elianne Ramos is a guest columnist.
Tony Vargas is a freelance writer.
Julie López is a freelance writer.
Anne Hoffman is a freelance writer.
Aja Beech is a freelance writer.
Emma Restrepo is a freelance writer.
Eric J. Garcia is a political cartoonist.