Education activists fast in Harrisburg, demand 'moral budget'


On Saturday, education activists from across Pennsylvania marched on Harrisburg for a "moral takeover" to demand fair funding of public schools.

Over 300 people have set up tents outside the capital building where they will remain for the next 10 days. The protest will involve daily fasting and prayer.

Legislators will not be in the building this weekend, but organizers hope to begin conversations about the state's education budget as early as Monday.

"We'll be inviting legislators skip their lunch to fast with us," said a spokesperson from the Philadelphia chapter of POWER, one of the groups organizing the 10-day sit-in.

There is also word of action happening in the legislative chambers, but organizers said they wanted it to remain a surprise.

In the evenings, protestors will be hosted by a church nearby.

Other organizations involved include the PA Caucus of Working Educators, POWER Northeast in Lehigh Valley, organizations from Pittsburg, and the Religion and Society Center of Philadelphia.


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Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 2:10pm
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Max Marin