The moral behind the conviction of 91-year-old Demjanjuk, a
guard at a Nazi death camp, is that any role in the killing of 28,000 of the
total quarter million victims at Sobibor, no matter how tenuous, is

Oddly enough an Israeli high court had overturned a death
sentence in 1993, ruling that Demjanjuk was mistaken for Ivan the Terrible,
another guard at Treblinka camp, while still acknowledging this man was indeed
a guard at Sobibor.

Little is known of how Demjanjuk managed to realize his
American dream as an autoworker in Ohio. 

Tale has it that, during World War II the Ukrainian soviet
soldier fell prisoner to the Nazis. Then he agreed to work at the Nazi death
camp as a guard.  Upon the closing
of the death camp in 1943, Demjanjuk resumed his career as a soldier on a
Ukrainian unit, this time fighting on… the German side.  Captured by American forces, this enemy
finally settled in… Ohio and became an American citizen.

The tale of this versatile soviet-Nazi soldier-American
citizen autoworker, would be hardly credible unless seen through the lens of a
600-page report published in 2006 by the government's Office of Special
Investigations (OSI) also known by the moniker of  the "Nazi-hunters." 
Among the report's most damming disclosures is the deep involvement by
means of complicity and deception of the C.I.A. with Nazi émigrés, for
intelligence purposes.

The C.I.A. learned at the feet of master-like figures many a
torture method, as well as how to conduct medical experiments using human
subjects as guinea pigs, which it later deftly applied anywhere from Guatemala
to Abu Ghraib, and Guantánamo.

While in this vein of exacting justice even from decrepit
double agents such as Demjanjunk, why not do the same against any surviving
perpetrators and abettors of the criminal Guatemala Research speared by Dr.
John Cutler, which intentionally infected and inoculated syphilis, gonorrhea,
and chacroid to unwitting prison and mental hospital inmates and to children in

If justice must be served against Demjanjuk, let us purge
our own historic record from the evils perpetrated by Mengele-like Dr. Cutler an
others who operated under the auspices of government agencies financed by
public funds.

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Daniel Maldonado