"I'm totally pro immigrant", stated Rupert Murdoch -owner of Fox News- before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee this week.

Murdoch's seeming pro-immigrant advocacy baffled many, including Representative Maxine Waters, who wondered how the media mogul managed to hold such views while Fox News, one of the prominent media outlets he owns, constantly attacks and maligns "illegal aliens".

Murdoch's defense went from "we are not anti immigrant on Fox News" to "we welcome all views on Fox News".

While Mr. Murdoch urged Congress "getting our immigration policy right -- and doing it quickly" and termed any attempt to expel 12 million undocumented immigrants as "nonsense", the question begs: just how does Murdoch reconcile such ideas with his own Fox News constant anti immigrant vitriol?

To illustrate this paradox let us type into a search engine "Fox News" along with one of its favorite sound bites: "illegal aliens".  The search results quickly paint an interesting picture of Fox's news and blog headlines that read for example: "L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants", "Illegal Immigrants Crime Spree in WA", "Obama refers to Illegal Aliens as 'Us'", "2 Cops Shot Dead in Memphis (Illegal Aliens?)". 

A paladin of immigration who happens to own the foremost anti-immigrant news media outlet, how is that possible?

This schizophrenia of sorts is nothing new.  Another network giant CNN purported to aim at greater standards of journalistic integrity, simultaneously hosted Lou Dobbs' daily rants against immigrants.  CNN pretended to sugar coat its immigration line with a soap opera-style feature called "Latino in America" aired only a year ago.

Only a year ago we questioned CNN and its parent company Time Warner by quoting them and asking "What exactly are we Latinos to you: "fascinating people" or "criminal illegal aliens"?" Today the same question goes to Mr. Murdoch, News Corp. and Fox News.

Giant media networks enticed by their own craving for ratings, revenue, and influence, obviously believe in growing their audiences while fostering discrimination and simultaneously pleading sympathy from its victims. 

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