Sean Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle.

This coming Saturday, TNA Wrestling Alliance will hold their fan interaction at the Electric Factory with their biggest Pay per View of the year, “Lockdown” Sunday evening at the Liacouras Center at Temple University.  The main event of the evening is a match of two legends of the industry – Mick Foley vs. Sting for the Heavyweight title.  In the era of sports entertainment, monopolies, and silly gimmicks, what has been lost is the purity of wrestling and great action.

In an interview with Hector Guerrero, color commentator for TNA as well as member of the most famous wrestling family, he mentioned that the organization is bringing a change. “I feel we have the most updated version of wrestling, said Guerrero, “We modernize a lot…storylines are important, but when it comes down to wrestling we have wrestlers.”  He also likes that the organization is not focused of more of the physical appearances of the wrestlers but more on their abilities. “We have athletes that have sculpted bodies but we also have those who are not as sculpted but prove their abilities in competition like Samoa Joe”, said Guerrero. 

There are many athletes in TNA with years of experience and others just starting to create their own popularity. One wrestler that Guerrero feels is the complete athlete is former Olympian Kurt Angle.  “His ability is incredible”, said Guerrero, “he transformed from his great amateur background to the professional level…not many people can do that…we are fortunate that he is with our company.”  He also feels great that TNA is growing in popularity. Their television show (Thursdays 9pm on Spike TV) is viewed by over 100 countries in the world. “In this business there is room for everybody”, said Guerrero, “We (TNA) don’t have a need to be everything where as the competition feels they need to be everything.”  In Guerrero’s opinion, from the top executives to the workers in production, TNA brings much class to the sport.

The organization also realizes the Latino market is very important and it is growing at a fast rate.  Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), a wrestling organization in Mexico City, is working with TNA to bring more luchadores into the organization and expand on the Latino market. A Latino wrestler that Guerrero envisions as a huge rising star is Sean Hernandez who is one of the members of the tag-team LAX. A former football player in college, Hernandez unleashes his pure raw power and is continuing to emerge as a great Latino talent. “I really feel that someday soon he will become a future world champion. “I would like to see him follow in the footsteps of Pedro Morales, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio”, said Guerrero. 

When younger, Guerrero remembers times with his father, Gory Guerrero, promoting wrestling in El Paso, Texas. “From putting up posters, putting together the arenas, to contract signings, paying the employees, as well as wrestling, I helped my father with everything”, he continued, “At 15 years old I also was an announcer.”  He feels that his years helping his father’s promotions in Texas as well as Mexico prepared him for his contributions to TNA. “I believe in destiny and I thank GOD and the promotion that I have been given the ability to be involved with TNA.”

Fan Interaction will give people the opportunity to meet their favorite wrestlers, take your own photos, and get autographs. It will begin Saturday 9am and it will end at 2:30pm at the Electric Factory 421 N. 7th Street. The Pay per View will be Sunday, 8pm at the Liacouras Center at Temple University. Tickets for both events are still available.  ALDIA AND TNA are giving away six pairs of tickets to the Pay per View Sunday.  Go to for more information.

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Andrea Vega / Redacción AL DÍA